Recyle Hero #3

On the 16th of November 2014 the third Recycle Hero is born!

This Hero was a birthday gift for my aunt. I made her a transvestite-ish hero.
You will recognize her feminine, cheeky style of fashion, but isn’t afraid to show where she’s come from.
By clicking the white arrows you can see more of her.
After she was created I wrapped her up in a cocon, where she ‘ressurected’ from again when my aunt unwrapped her present.


If you want to give someone their own Recycle Hero, or if you’d like one yourself, you can now order one by email.
They’ll cost 17,50 EU (packaging and shipping are not yet included. In the future you can also order ready-made Heroes via my Etsy shop.

Recycle Heroes


With the ‘birth’ of my third Recycle Hero coming up the time was there to finalize the Recycle Heroes identity.

Recycle Heroes is a fairly new project which I started at the beginning of 2014, but actually in the summer of 2013.
It’s about recycling my favorite old clothes and creating toys (read: stuffed animals/dolls) for kids….and grown ups.
These heroes are not just super heroes, they’re heroes in the making. They don’t look perfectly handsome and muscled, but have something that make them imperfect and unique, just like real people. It’s the owners task to discover and grant their characteristics, super powers and heroic deeds.

The logo is a playful monogram consisting of the ‘R’ and ‘H’. You may recognize a little figure in it, holding a stick.
Heroes and super powers are as old as people are living on earth, so I wanted to create a kind of ancient, primitive look. The hand carved stamp intensifies this. The label, on the last picture, is made of recycled paper.